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Why settle for supermarket avos that have been manhandled more than a rugby ball at Loftus? Get fresher avos and pay even less with Frescado's farm-fresh beauties!



Why choose Frescado

Get the farm freshness in our avos
There's nothing quite like the taste of a freshly picked avocado, and at Frescado, that's exactly what you'll get. Our avocados are harvested at the peak of ripeness and shipped to your closest delivery point, ensuring that you experience the creaminess flavor and freshness from our avos.
Save more money by buying direct
By purchasing directly from Frescado, you can enjoy significant savings without compromising on quality. We eliminate the need for the big chain superstores and their numerous middlemen, allowing us to offer our premium avocados at prices that won't break the bank.

How our journey started

Once upon a time, in the lush avocado wonderland of Levubu, Limpopo, a group of avocado-obsessed friends found themselves in a bit of a pickle. They had grown tired of the bland, lifeless avocados found in local supermarkets and longed for something better. In a moment of pure genius (or perhaps it was the guacamole fumes), they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Armed with a dream and a few trusty avocado trees, they set out to create the ultimate avocado experience. They nurtured their little green babies with love, whispered words of encouragement, and even played classical music to help them grow. The friends took turns guarding the orchard, fending off sneaky avocado thieves and pesky squirrels with a passion that could only be described as "avocado madness."

As their avocados flourished, so did their reputation. People from far and wide began to hear about the "Avocado Avengers" and their legendary fruit. Demands poured in, and the friends knew they had to share their creation with the world.
But there was one problem: how would they get their precious avocados into the hands of eager customers? They couldn't trust just any delivery service—no, their avocados deserved better. So, they crafted a plan so ingenious, so daring, that it would go down in avocado history.

They decided to create a secret avocado society, where members could come and collect their precious green treasures at designated pickup points. It was like a covert operation, but instead of exchanging classified documents, they were dealing in creamy, delicious avocados.

And thus, Frescado was born! From their humble beginnings as a band of avocado enthusiasts to becoming the most sought-after avocado dealers in the land, they had created something truly special. Now, with every pickup and every satisfied customer, they know that their avocado dreams have become a reality.

A bit about Frescado

Tucked away in the breathtaking avocado paradise of Levubu, Limpopo, lies Frescado—a family-owned farm that's been serving up the green gold standard in avocados since before millenials made toast trendy. With a love for the land that runs deeper than a hipster's appreciation for artisanal coffee, we pour our hearts and souls into growing the most bodacious avocados this side of the Tropic of Capricorn.

At Frescado, we believe that everyone deserves to experience the mind-blowing deliciousness of farm-fresh avocados. That's why we've taken on the heroic task of delivering our green gems straight from our orchard to your kitchen, faster than you can say "Holy guacamole!" No more settling for store-bought avos that have been poked and prodded more times than a contestant on a reality TV show.

So simply select your preferred quantity, and we'll promptly deliver your avocados to your chosen pickup point. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the unparalleled quality and taste of Frescado's avocados. Order now and elevate your avocado experience to new heights!

How our avos are delivered

At Frescado, we strive to provide you with the freshest avocados possible while making the process convenient and reliable. While we don't offer direct home delivery, we've established a streamlined system that allows you to fetch your avocado orders from designated delivery points every Wednesday.

Once you place your order, our team carefully selects and packs your avocados, ensuring they're at peak quality and freshness. We then transport them from our farm in Levubu, Limpopo, to the delivery points, ready for you to collect.

To ensure a smooth and efficient pickup experience, we ask that you choose your preferred delivery point and collect your avocados within the designated time slot provided. This helps us maintain the quality of our produce and guarantees that you receive your avocados in the best possible condition.

We understand that life can get busy, which is why we've designed our pickup system to be as flexible and convenient as possible. If you can't make it to the delivery point during the specified time slot, feel free to send a friend or family member to collect your order on your behalf.

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